I T    A L L    S T A R T E D    W I T H . . .

… a tiny little spark, ignited by the words – “I’m not going to have a wedding cake!” My best friend was at a loss over who she could commission to create her dream wedding cake. Her words weighed heavy on my mind and all I could think about was that she had to have a cake! So I told her I’d take care of it even though I had no idea what that meant. I dived into some research (i.e. google) on cakes and before I knew it, I took a step without feet and breathed the following words – “Oh I’ll do it!” Crazily enough, my best friend was game. I got my first oven ever, and tinkered away for 9 months before her big day, learning and practicing everything from scratch. Little did I know, that tiny little spark soon raged into a burning passion.

I usually find myself taking the road less travelled by, met with diamonds in the rough, and other serendipitous discoveries. I was formally trained in psychology and social work, working mostly with young offenders. I then spent a year in Switzerland and other parts of Europe, falling deeper in love with nature, architecture and of course, French pâtisserie. I’d like to think that my experiences over the years remind me to keep some room in my head and heart for the unimaginable. I’ve also learnt that stories, once told, resonate and bridge distances between very different people. As a cake artist now, I definitely think and feel more about my creative work and the design process as I create each cake. I revel in the process of bringing out each person’s unique story through cake. Because that is the difference that will make all the difference.

Aisha Khan